This past Sunday, I missed sharing a row with you. This coming Sunday, I’m going to miss it, too. It’s important that we recognize the (temporary) loss of our Sabbath rhythm. Being able to do church together with our friends, family, and neighbors looks a little different right now… But it can still be holy. While we miss our usual space, there’s an opportunity to create new space.


Where in your home do you go for time with God? Is it a favorite chair or the kitchen table? Is the space quiet or loud? Is quiet even an option in your current stage of life? (Looking at you parents of little ones!) The right answer is any space, so long as you have one.


Once you have your space, do your best to eliminate any distractions. Turn off the TV. Charge your phone in another room. If you have kids, explain to them what this time will be for. Set the expectation of quiet, but know that God loves the noise even more than we do. Then, invite God into your space.


Throughout time, God has dwelt in spaces. In the Garden, in the Temple, in the Body of Christ, and now, in us. This is freedom, friends. We don’t have to find God; He’s already with us. Rest on that as you step in your space, knowing that God goes before you.


This is going to be a much slower season of life for most of us. And if we’re being honest, it’s the chaos that usually gets in the way of the communion. So, look at this disruption as an invitation. Whatever your time with God has looked like to this point, know that He is only thinking about the time you’ll spend together now.


With time and space figured out, how will you engage with God? For me, after inviting God into the space, I always start with confession. Like many of you, I come from a faith tradition where confession feels heavy. But, I have two thoughts on that:


  1. I think it’s a little like when we were young… If we let the guilt pile up on us until we run to God for relief, it always comes, but—do we even have to wait?
  2. Instead, making a habit of confession makes it feel a lot more like coffee with your closest friend. You can share it all because you know God is on your side.


Once you’ve invited God into your space and confessed, sit with Him. Just be. Listen. Let God guide your thoughts toward the people and problems you should be praying about. It’s in this time that the important things are revealed to us. There have been so many times that I’ve entered into my own space either sure of what I’d say—or with no idea what to say—and within seconds God put a verse on my heart. The prayers that followed were bolder than I ever could’ve crafted because I let God lead. In this season, let. God. lead.


Even in the chaos—and really, especially in the chaos—you can also make this a space where you praise God. Wherever your space is, fill it with music. Now, I’m the person who turns on praise music in my car and even lifts my hands while driving. (Sorry?) Maybe that’s not your jam, but still, bring music into your space. Throughout the Old Testament, God’s people offered him praise through song and God delighted in it. So whether it’s a hymn or a K-LOVE hit, push play and sing.


As you leave your space, consecrate it. With your words, give it to God. It might sound something like,


“God, thank you for meeting me here. Thank you for forgiving me, for giving me the words to say, for listening, and for doing what your Word says you will do. Father, I praise you for who You are. Come with me as I leave this space to go live out this day, and make it pleasing to You.”